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• 7/15/2013
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• 12/29/2013

Our Meme was foreshadowed

03:43 YouTube Poop - Mordecai and Rigby Invite Thomas The Tank Engine Over For Dinner MURRRRDECAAAI
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• 6/26/2013
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• 4/28/2013

Modtabs/Admin Tabs/Crat Tabs

As you can see on the Admins/Burecrats page, I've been making some adjustments to the templates. So, here's the current list:
Crats = Thomas (Sky Blue)
Admins = Toast (Wheat)
Chat Mods = Burnt Toast(?)/Butter(?)
Rollbacks = hav no idea
Dem other Users = Pink(?)
I need ideas/opinions/suggestions to what color I should make the Chat Mods & Rollbacks. An if you do, you get a cookie! :3
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• 4/22/2013

List any character that you want to kill

The entire cast of iCarly
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• 4/21/2013
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• 4/21/2013

The Official Ban the User before you (Not Literally!) Thread!

So, the main point of this game is to make some random excuse of why the user before you is banned. For instance:
Me: You're banned because I made the Wiki
Other Generic Person: You're banned because I ate Thomas on toast
Generic Person 3: You're banned because I am awesome!
So you probably get the idea. Don't ban them literally, though!
Oh, one more thing, You're banned because I made this thread XP
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• 4/21/2013

Forums just got real

So far, I love how the Wiki is going, the episodes make me laugh a lot, and the creations of episodes are fast. But meanwhile, I thought that the forums could use more of an exapnsion. So, i'm going to start working on the forums some more, there will be a new topic/post about everyday if I'm not too lazy. SO PREPARE YOUR ANUS
If you have any ideas for the forums, it would be great! My main thoughts are forums moderators, but the forums aren't really active yet. So, that'll be for another time.
Aquatic Wartortle Surf! 01:50, April 21, 2013 (UTC)
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• 4/3/2013

Thomas On Toast Babies

Wow, they're really doing it?
And after it's cancelled, they'll make Thomas On Toast Babies Babies.
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• 4/1/2013

Toastymon: Thomas & Powdered Toast Man Versions

Hey, it's me ruining your childhood again, with the new...Toastymon: Thomas & Powdered Toast Man Version! :D (Only Thomas version completed)
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• 4/1/2013

Thomas the Toasthog

Coming Soon, on the Genesis which barley anyone plays anymore!
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• 3/25/2013

First ep of Thomas on Toast (TV series) TBA

Thomas on Toast goes to White castle episode is currently TBA. It depends how long for Thoe or me to make it :3
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• 3/24/2013


I'm hyped for the film.
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• 3/19/2013

The Official Ur getting Thomas on toast -.- thread

Ur getting a Thomas on toast -.- (refer to here for the basic rules; Go to "bio")
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• 3/18/2013

I"m your new admin, bow down to me.

The title says it all :3
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