Season: 1
Broadcast number: 007
Production Code: 007
Airing Information
US premiere: When Thomas on Toast get's accepted by a Channel
Written by: AquaticWartortle


Episode Chronology
"Powdered toast man demands Half Life 3"

WINNING!!! is the 7th episode of the Thomas_on_Toast_(TV_series).


A catastrophe happens! Thomas gambles against Powdered Toast Man, and wins all the powdered toast in the world, but then it sprinkles out of his sack. Ren & Stimpy have no more Powdered Toast, which causes the Mudkipz, and Ronald McGigyas to destroy toastland. Meanwhile, DeviantSerpent & Gumballamiyumi invade a toast factory, while working at Pizza Slut.


The episode starts when Thomas is at a casino, and gambles against Powdered Toast Man. Powdered Toast Man bets Powdered Toast, feeling confident that he'll win, Thomas bets his generically retarded branchline. Thomas ends up beating Powdered Toast Man, taking all the powdered toast, but it get's sprinkled out, and burnt. TBC


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